The Golden Dog Co.

Meet Jack

Meet Jack, CEO, The Golden Dog Co

Welcome Paw-Pals! My name is Jack and I am the CEO of The Golden Dog Company. Like many of my furry friends, I enjoy the finer things in life…a long game of fetch, a walk on the beach, curling up with my humans, and of course, butter-soft, genuine leather! I am the inspiration behind The Golden Dog Co because us dogs deserve a chance to dress to impress while enjoying quality products.

Since I am the “big dog” around here, every Golden Dog Co creation must pass my high standards. I have an eye for detail and an exceptional nose for design! I am committed to representing the wishes of all dogs across the world and give my 5-paw stamp of approval on every item.

We are confident you will find the best collar and more for your best friend. If you have any questions, I promise to respond faster than a flying frisbee! Thank you for visiting our shop, The Golden Dog Company!